January 27, 2014

Wings of Fire: The Dark Secret Book Review

So. I promised you all a few more book reviews, and look! Here's one now.

*Spoiler alert!*

So, this series is quite a bit below my reading level, but I still enjoy it. I mean, dragons, prophecies, and warring rival queens... What's not to like?

First of all, I must say, I loved this book.

Number one, it changed the focus of the series. Instead of focusing on the battles, it focused on revealing more about Starflight and Sunny's characters, which really needed to have a bit more focus on them- the romance between the two is adorable, but it doesn't really work up until now because there was very little characterization. Starflight is the smart one, and Sunny is the sweet one. Up until now, the series never really went further than that.

Number two, it revolved around secrets and lies- perfect for a book mainly about the mysterious NightWings.

Third... Man, that was a major plot twist! Morrowseer made up the prophecy himself to create a powerful bargaining chip in the war, so that the NightWings could get a new, less dangerous territory.

Fourth, I was glad to learn a little more about quite a few characters other than Starflight and Sunny. Deathbringer isn't just an assassin- he's a rebel. Blaze is being manipulated by Queen Glacier, so she definitely isn't a good choice for a queen.

Overall, I'm going to give this book a 8/10.

January 13, 2014

Frozen Movie Review

Oh my gosh. Disney's newest movie, Frozen, was amazing. And I know I promised more book reviews, but I just have to write this.

First of all, the music.

The music was all amazing. Some of the songs, like "In Summer" were amazingly lighthearted songs that were fun to listen to.

But the one song I really loved was "Let it Go." The music was amazing, but the one thing that I really loved about it was that I could relate to it, on so many levels.


Another thing I loved? The characters. Anna, the outgoing, naive younger sister who dreams of falling in love. Hans, the typical Disney prince who turned out to be evil. Kristoff, the sweet but incredibly shy mountain man who sells ice for a living. And Elsa, who lived in isolation to protect those around her.

Third, the fact that Frozen had the amazing combination of Brave And Tangled's amazing, strong female leads and the beautiful music of their older movies.

The acting was great, but what do you expect from a group mainly consisting of Broadway actors and actresses?

Overall, I'd give it a rating of 8.5/10