February 9, 2014


One of our beautiful chickens, Skywalker. 

A picture of the leaves on our banana tree. I like the textures in this one.

Some of the books on my bookshelf.

Another chicken pic, still Skywalker...

And another! This one is Spirit. It turned out quite a bit blurrier than I would have liked.

A lemon on our lemon tree.

A wood heart... I really like the color in this one.

A windchime hanging on our lemon tree.

Looking out of a hole in our fence... it looks a bit like fairyland, so I made the colors a bit more vibrant.

A parasol hanging on my bedroom ceiling. I like how the angles and shadows.


  1. My favorite is the one of the lemon. I am just about to post some of my own photos. Citrus is one of my favorite subjects to photograph.
    I love Life of Pi, by the way. It was in your picture of your bookshelf. :)

  2. Thanks, Abiel :) I haven't actually read Life of Pi yet, but I watched the movie and I'd like to read the book sometime soon. The lemon was a really fun pic to take.