April 10, 2014

Thoughts on 'Fangirling'


Noun; fan-girl

Informal, derogatory; An obsessive female fan


Some people would call me a fangirl. Most, actually. Why? I'm a girl, and I enjoy nerd culture.

But why does that make me a fangirl?

And why is okay to be a fangirl, but not a geek girl?

After all, 'geek girls' are being called out today, for cosplaying and wearing the costumes that the very men shaming them designed.

Yet nobody is calling out the thousands of 'fangirls'. Why?

Because it's okay to idolize an actor for his portrayal of a character in a movie or TV show that happens to belong to nerd culture.

But enjoying the actual comics? Or the movie, simply for its quality? Or cosplaying your favorite character?

No. That's not okay, in today's society

And that needs to change.

Because it's okay to like an actor. Being a fangirl is just fine. But it's not okay to also enjoy nerd culture for something other than certain British men.

And that's just wrong.

Now, why do people assume that any girl who enjoys nerd culture is a fangirl?

Am I, a teenage girl, incapable of enjoying something, simply for its content?

No. I'm not.

Maybe I do on occasion think 'Oh. He's cute."

But I'm not a fangirl, and I'm sure there are plenty of other people like me.

People who are sick of being stereotyped because of the things they enjoy.


  1. Agreed. I get really irritated when people hate on fangirls.

    ...not to mention that many of the guys I know will watch stuff because they think one of the female characters is hot (hello, Black Widow in "The Avengers"?) and no one thinks anything of that. No one says, "Oh, you're not a REAL FAN because you're watching it for the hot people."

    1. YES! Exactly. Fangirling is fine, but I hate it when people assume that I'm into, say, superheroes, or DW, for the actors. I'm not. And nobody makes those assumptions about men :/