March 12, 2013

Science Olympiad

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Science Olympiad is, basically, a science competition for nerds (and geeks) that takes place all over the US (Maybe other places too, I'm not sure.) I recently took part in the 2013 comptition. Unfortunately, our team didn't make it to the state competition, but I got three third place medals and a second place. I'll be posting about all the stuff I learned for it later:). It may be helpful for those of you who are interested. Ask your school's teachers about it. Lots of schools take part, but they usually start early in the year and require an invitation. The events I took part in were based on astronomy, music, and geography. Be sure to ask a teacher about it if you're interested! It's lots of fun, but takes a lot of dedication. (procrastinating doesn't work!)

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