April 5, 2013

Awesome Minecraft Trick!

In only fifteen minutes, I found:
One enchanted flame resistance book, 11 lapis lazuli, iron boots, 3 apples, 17 redstone, 26 bones, 28 rotten flesh, 28 pumpkin seeds, 38 melon seeds, 8 minecart rails, an iron pickaxe,27 gold, 48 iron, 51 bread, 39 coal, and 5 DIAMONDS!!!!!
This is one of the fastest ways to find tons of loot. Plus, it's also a super fast way to find strongholds! I found this one in only five minutes!

The trick? (it only works on PC edition)Create a new world. Make it superflat, and use the desert preset. Then, delete the sandstone and stone layers. The sand will all fall, leaving strongholds and mineshafts exposed.

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