September 5, 2013

Board Games

Recently, board games have begun to get more and more complex. Where you used to find Candyland or Monopoly, now you'll find The Settlers of Catan, Agricola, or 7 Wonders. With a whole sleuth of new games to choose from, they aren't just for kids anymore! Here's a list of some of me and my family's favorites.

1. Android: Netrunner This two person card game puts the players in a dystopian future, ruled by huge corporations. One player, the corporation, attempts to put their plans into motion with their secret agendas, while the other player takes the place of a hacker extraordinaire called a Runner and attempts to hack the corporation's computer systems.

 2. 7 Wonders In 7 Wonders, players compete to build the most successful civilization, focusing on several ways to expand their cities. Will they become a huge cultural center? Build architectural masterpieces? Make groundbreaking scientific discoveries? Or perhaps shove their way to dominance with a powerful military?

 3. Agricola Although this game takes a while to master and even longer to play, it's tons of fun (Plus, you can recreate all the items as tiny clay animals!) Players take the places of farmers and try to rake up the most points by breeding animals, expanding their farm, and planting crops.

4. The Settlers of Catan With numerous expansion packs, The Settlers of Catan is a fast paced (Not! The average game takes about two hours) game where players build settlements, cities, and roads to settle the untouched island of Catan.

Now, for a tried and true, not so new finale,

5. Magic
In this card game (OK, OK, maybe I did say this post was going to be about board games, but hey, card games are fun too!!), players become powerful wizards and summon magical creatures like powerful gryphons, elven warriors, and deranged hermits who summon massive squirrel armies, while casting spells, in a battle for supremacy.

So, what are your favorite board games? Comment below!

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