December 5, 2013

The Day of the Doctor Review

Well! Hello again! After virtually no new posts over the course of NaNoWriMo, I'm back again! Yay! *Throws confetti* *Crickets chirp* Anyway... The Day of the Doctor!

*Spoiler Alert*

Gosh. What can I say. It was brilliant!

Oh gosh. Look at his face. Ten has the best faces. Am I distracting you? Back on track.

Bad Wolf.

I don't know what to say about Bad Wolf.

I was quite excited about seeing Rose again, but I must say, I wasn't disappointed. Billie Piper was amazing as the Moment. The consciousness of a weapon of mass destruction? Yup. That's Doctor Who for ya.

I was quite impressed with the concept of a weapon that actually passes judgement on you for it's use.

And the punishment for destroying all of Gallifrey, including not only the Daleks but also the Time Lords?

Living to see another day.


Now. John Hurt. The Time War Doctor. 8.5, if you will.

I was rather suspicious about this.

I mean, adding another Doctor? This would totally mess everyone up.

Eight is still Eight, but Nine is Ten?

But Moffat pulled it off quite well.

He even managed to fill in some earlier plot holes.

Honestly, I hope Twelve spends his regeneration searching for Gallifrey. And now I'm going to have to catch up on Classic Who in the hopes that he does. After all... Gallifrey falls no more.

Rating: 9.5/10

Oh, and we mustn't forget.

The humor hidden so well that every time you watch it you find something now to laugh at.


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