April 11, 2014

Why Gertude Yorkes Needs a Bit More Appreciation

Okay. So, I just finished Volume Six (Parental Guidance) of Runaways last night, and, well... My. I haven't had this many feels since Reichenbach. So, that being said, this post is in honor of Gertude Yorkes.

1. Gert is the only superheroine I've ever heard of who looks as if she weighs over a hundred pounds. Now, Runaways does quite a good job at beating back the skinny, scantily clad cliche, but look at Gert next to say, Karolina, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

2. She has a pet dinosaur, for crying out loud. Fancy suits of armor and superhuman powers are all well and good, but you can't beat Gert when it comes to 'powers'. Need I say more?

3. She's smart. On the Marvel wiki, Gertude was rated a four out of seven on intelligence. Although not quite a genius, she even rivals Ultron's 'son' when it comes to smarts.

4. She realizes that not everyone is perfect, but doesn't let that impact her relationship with them. Even though she doesn't act like it, Gert is one of the most compassionate members of the Runaways. She helps Molly get past the fact that her parents are supervillains, and she gives her life to save Chase.

5. Speaking of that, she has one of the saddest death scenes in the Marvel Universe...

6. And her and Chase also have one of the most adorable relationships.

7. She's critical of society, and a deep thinker. Even Spidey says so, which is saying something.

8. She has pink hair. I think that's pretty cool, don't you? And she would also be quite fun to cosplay.

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