April 15, 2014

On Lunar Eclipses

10:58 Nothing... Still nice outside, though. I like being outside in the dark.
10:59 There's a bit of a shadow on the corner of the moon!
11:01 The missing chunk is getting bigger.
11:03 This is going by so slowly, but it's worth it. The chunk is taking up about a sixth of the moon now, and there's a red haze around it.
11:04 Mars is quite visible too. Mars is fun to look aat- it's got a reddish tinge and is usually easy to spot.
11:05 If only we were somewhere quieter... The moon is still pretty, though.
11:08 We can also see the star Spica. Spica is a binary star, and the biggest and brightest star in the constellation Virgo.
11:09 Many ancient cultures were afraid of these types of eclipses. The Inca believed that a Blood Moon was caused by a jaguar swallowing the moon, and the Egyptians thought it to be a sow. Some Native Americans thought that it showed that the moon was sick, and they would sing to heal it. More recent beliefs think that this blood moon signifies the beginning of the end.
11:13 It's chilly, but I'm warm and it feels relaxing. I like the cold.
11:14 A bat flew in front of the moon just now.
11:15 Our cat is watching the moon, and I can hear birds in the distance.
11:16 A dark colored circle surrounds the moon, and a lighter line crosses through it.
11:19 I really should do this more often... It's nice out here.
11:20 Now the chunk covers a quarter of the moon. I'm craving hot chocolate.
11:21 Something is running around in the bushes...
11:23 The moon is almost half covered now! There's a blue line between the missing chunk and the moon.
11:25 Apparently a lunar eclipse is cause when the earth's orbit crosses between the sun and the moon. Sunlight can no longer reflect off the moon, so it goes dark.
11:27 The moon is halfway covered now.
11:28 I wish we could see more stars, but it's too cloudy.
11:30 I want to go camping and eat s'mores under the moon.
11:31 Eclipse- related book recommendation: Every Soul a Star, by Wendy Mass.
11:32 I can't believe I've been out here a whole half hour... It seems like it's going by much more quickly than that.
11:34 Our cat is still watching. She has a longer attention span than my brother.
11:37 The covered part of the moon is a weird brownish color now. You can hardly see the craters.
11:38 On a second thought, knee socks and shorts probably weren't the most practical of ideas. I'm cold.
11:41 The orange tinge is almost gone now.
11:46 The orange glow is back, and brighter than before.
11:47 Five sixths done!
11:48 Some more stars are visible... I can see the Big Dipper!
11:49 Now to watch and wait... I'm tired and can't keep my thoughts straight.
12:13 The eclipse is over now. Not as cool as I'd expected, but still fun. The moon is a lot darker than usual, and sort of brownish colored.

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